Guidance Solutions

How to increase your likelihood of passing exams for credit.

Planning Solutions

career matching
Let's determine the best way to grow in a profession that excites you.
  • We can help you transition to a profession you find more attractive.
  • We can help you earn credentials for advancement in your professional field.
College matching
Let's identify the right college or university for your chosen profession.
  • Be confident your credits will transfer.
  • Be sure the school is one of the 2900 accepting credit-by-exam institutions.
Design the most efficient credit-by-exam path to earn college credits.
  • Increase the likelihood of passing your credit-by-exam tests the 1st time.
exam readiness assessment
Determine your readiness to take and pass specific credit-by-exam tests.
  • Identify the prep courses you’re likely to pass or struggle.
  • Know how much focus each prep course will require of you.
  • Understand what’s required of you to perform your best work during each credit-by-exam.

Prep Solutions

online exam prep courses
Engage with seasoned prep course instructors via an online portal to increase your exam readiness.
  • Instructors are professional, industry experts.
  • Get in the moment guidance on how to correct knowledge gaps prior to your official exam.
Increase your exam readiness by observing and participating in Q&A discussions.
  • Ask exam-specific questions.
  • Receive guidance on proven learning and memory techniques.
  • Access our inventory of helpful hints
Take advantage of insights and observations shared between you and your prep course colleagues.
  • P2P learning is proven to drive active and cooperative learning.
  • Promotes ownership of learning and a deeper understanding of new concepts.
Retake any prep course as often you need to become exam ready.
  • Only 6% of our customers are unable to pass their official exams.
  • If you experience this setback, for whatever reason, you can retake your prep course.

Increase your chances of passing exams for college credit.

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