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How Smarter Helps You Finish College Faster

Jul 28, 2021 | Career

Are you looking for ways you can finish your degree faster?

You may have heard of the different methods, like taking on more classes per semester or choosing AP classes in high school. 

While there are many methods, none allow you the same flexibility and ease as Credit-by-Exam (CBE). Plus, unlike AP tests, you don’t have to be a high schooler to take advantage of CBE.

All About Credit-by-Exam

How Smarter with Achieve Uses Credit-by-Exam

If you heard of CLEP exams, you might already have a good idea about what Credit-by-Exam is. 

Credit-by-Exam tests your proficiency in core subjects and allows you to earn college credits if you pass your exam. CBE tests like CLEP tests allow you to test out of your gen-ed courses, so you can start completing your degree requirements quicker. Credit-by-Exam tests include CLEP, ECE, and DSST exams. Each test type has different requirements and offers different options for earning college credits if you pass your exams. Credit-by-Exam tests help you to finish your degree faster because you earn college credits without taking a class. 

Unlike the AP tests you took in high school, you can take CBE tests before or while you’re in college. You also don’t have to wait for a specific time period to take your test either. Instead, Credit-by-Exam tests are available year-round, and you can take them whenever you feel ready. 

Credit-by-Exam tests reward you for the knowledge you already know (although you can also prep for exams using Smarter with Achieve). 

Credit-by-Exam saves you time.

Credit-by-Exam helps you save time, especially if you’re thinking of double majoring or graduating earlier. With Credit-by-Exam, you’ll get to knock out your general education college courses without having to take a class. In addition, with your Gen Ed courses out of the way, you can take your major-specific coursework sooner. This means that double majoring can be less stressful with Credit-by-Exam. 

Credit-by-Exam saves you money.

Not only does Credit-by-Exam save you time, but it can save you money as well. A college credit typically costs anywhere from $200 to $1200, depending on your school. Considering a typical college course is three to four credits, costs can quickly pile up. 

Since a single CBE test typically costs $85, you can save around $520 to $2915 for each course you pass with Credit-by-Exam. 

With so much extra money saved, you can have more to purchase textbooks, spend time traveling or move off-campus. 

Where can you take Credit-by-Exam tests?

Credit-by-Exam offers 30 exams subjects, and credits for the program are accepted at 3,000 colleges nationwide. Additionally, there are over 2,000 test centers around the country, and even an option to test at home.

You can register for a CBE exam on the College Board. You can also search for a testing center near you using the website. 

Save Time on College with Smarter with Achieve

At Smarter with Achieve, we combine the convenience of accelerated online courses with the speed of Credit-by-Exam. We give you exam guidance to help you pass CLEP, ECE, and DSST Credit-by-Exam tests. Each learner who signs up with Smarter with Achieve receives:

  • Instructor guidance. All of our prep courses are held virtually in real-time. Our dedicated instructors will prepare you for what to expect on your exams and give you exclusive information on how the exams are structured.
  • Resource library. When you register with Smarter, you’ll have access to a library of resource material, including practice tests and the exact exam guidelines you need to pass your exam. 
  • Exam-specific questions. Get access to exam-specific questions to help you prep for your Credit-by-Exam test. 

Ready to prep? Chat with us today and see how we can help.

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