Can I take CLEP Exams at Home?

Can I take CLEP Exams at Home?

Can you take CLEP exams online? The answer is yes! The College Board is now making the CLEP exam available from the comfort of your home. But, there are some catches. Read below for more details.

More About At-Home CLEP Exams.

What’s different about taking the CLEP exam from at home? The at-home CLEP exam has the same format, content, timing, and overall on-screen experience as an exam you would take at a test center. And thanks to CLEP’s partnership with Proctortrack, you’ll even still have a human proctor. 

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What is Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is a virtual proctoring solution that works in two ways. First, the company verifies your identity online. Second, Proctortrack also allows you to take your exam while a human proctor monitors you via video. 

In ordered to get a proctored, at-home CLEP exam, you must have…

  • A PC (not a Mac)
  • Webcam 
  • Speaker 
  • Microphone 
  • Whiteboard or sheet of paper in a transparent sheet protector 
  • Dry eraser marker 
  • A quiet, secure testing environment 

There are also additional technical requirements. You can view them here.

Who Can Take A CLEP Exam Online?

There are a few requirements if you want to take CLEP online: 

  • You have to be at least 13 years old.
  • Your computer and testing environment must meet the technical and Proctortrack requirements
  • You must be located within the U.S. ( or be DANTES-funded).

Not eligible to take the CLEP exam at home? You still have the option of taking your CLEP exam at a test center.

What Are Considerations For Those with Disabilities? 

There are specific accommodations for those with disabilities seeking to take a remote-proctored exam, including…

  • Extended exam time
  • Screen magnification
  • Modifiable screen colors
  • Longer rest breaks

Additionally, you are also allowed food, drink, and medication as long as you stay within the view of the proctor. The College Board recommends submitting your request for accommodation two months in advance. Until the College Board approves your request, you won’t be able to complete your exam remotely with accommodation. 

How to Register to Take Your At-Home CLEP Exam

There are six steps to register to take your CLEP exam at home. 

  1. First, you have to review the requirements. Make sure your equipment and environment meet the standards. You have to be in a private room where no one else is entering. This means coffee shops and bookstores are out. 
  2. Then, register for your exam on the CLEP My Account Registration Portal. The information you use to register should match the ID you’ll be using to take your exam. If it doesn’t, you won’t be allowed to test. 
  3. Select your test center. During the registration process, you’ll be asked where you’ll be taking your exam. Select ‘at home with remote proctoring’ and agree to the remote proctoring requirements. In addition to the CLEP exam fee, you’ll be charged $30 for remote proctoring. If you’re DANTES funded, your remote proctoring fee should be zero. 
  4. Schedule your exam. Within 24 hours, you should receive an email confirmation from CLEP with a Ticket ID and a link to the Proctortrack website. You’ll use your Ticket ID and create a Proctortrack account to schedule your remote-proctored exam appointment. 
  5. Ensure that you have everything you need for the test day. Ensure that your equipment and software are working as they should.
  6. Take Your Exam. Sign in at your scheduled appointment time and have your government-issued ID ready to show your proctor.
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